Cavity Wall Insulation

Solutions Including Cavity Wall Insulation in the East Midlands

Stop heat from escaping your home with cavity wall insulation from Absolute. Based in Leicester, we offer a full range of beneficial energy solutions for both your home and business. With non-insulated cavity walls, you could be losing up to 35% of your heat. This means that you have to have the heating on more, which generates expensive heating bills. Insulating your cavity walls means that you can reduce your heating bills by up to 35%.



Reducing Heating Bills

As a business that cares about you, we offer cost-effective solutions to really benefit your home or commercial premises. Any initial outlay will have a payback period of less than four years as you’ll be saving money every year on your heating bills. Insulating your cavity walls also helps the environment by reducing your property’s Co2 emissions by as much as 1040kg per year.


A Cool Fact

As well as keeping you warm in the winter, your property also stays cool in the summer months with cavity wall insulation. This is because the insulation stops the warmth from the hot summer sun heating your property. With our wide-ranging services, our efficient team also install loft insulation and external wallinsulation.


Adding Value to Your Property

Cavity wall insulation is part of building regulations and particularly necessary when you are looking to sell or let. If this is the case, you must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to demonstrate the energy efficiency of your property. If your home has a low EPC rating, it may be more difficult to sell and depending on the rating, you may not be legally allowed to let your property. Cavity wall insulation is noted on the EPC and makes your home look more attractive to buyers or tenants.


Guaranteed Installations

Absolute offers an insurance-backed 25-year guarantee with CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) with every installation free of charge. You receive peace of mind as you are covered by the guarantee if you come across issues for any reason.


Approved Installers

As BBA-approved installers of cavity wall insulation, you know that you can trust us for a hassle free experience. The BBA  (British Board of Agrément) monitors all insulation installers to ensure that they follow the correct procedure and legislation. The organisation carries out on-site and office inspections to ensure that we provide only high-quality installations. Additionally, our BBA-approved installer number is 9100.


Materials of the Finest Quality

Using InstaFibre™ white wool, we only utilise materials of the highest quality for cavity wall insulation. This particular material is BBA-approved product and contains numerous thermal properties.


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